Zaglądaj tu czasem, bym wiedział, że to wszystko ma sens / Visit this site so that I know my work has a sense


Every good picture which I manage to take is a wonderful award for me.


  • The exhibition „Towards human. In tribute to Zofia Rydet” at gallery of art Wozownia
    with following artists Agnieszka Hunicz, Andrzej Różycki, Tomasz Sobieraj, Mateusz Palka and Maciej Herman. Toruń 01-31.07.2016 – An interview with the curator at polish radio.
  • The exhibition „Piotr Kosinski. Towards Human. Photographs from years 2012-14″ exhibited from 20.03 – 04.05 2014 at State Gallery of Lodz (Balucka Gallery).
  • Joining a students group exhibition of Document and Reportage Workshops of High School of Art and Design in Lodz guided by mgr Miłosz Krajewski in April 2013 – foto reportage


  • The work „Awaiting I” was distinguished in VIVA PHOTO AWARDS 2016 competition in Portrait category and presented on group exhibition.
  • Achieveing I place at round „Seeing” at 5 – round fight organized by site in 2015. In summary place IV.
  • Presentation of degree work „The «Usual» people” at Web Gallery Fotoseptiembre USA-SAFOTO. 2014 – pdf
  • Publication of the article about activity in photographic area in „Literature Critic”  7 – 8.2014, page 18. „Literatue Critic”
  • An article written by critic of art, dr Krzysztof Jurecki in “Arteon”, a magazine about fine arts no. 02.2014 – The Aricle
  • Grand Prix award in photographic competition “The face of Lodz’s Church” organized under the patronage of Metropolitan Archbishop of Lodz, Marek Jędraszewski for picture entitled “Presence” in June 2013
  • Achieveing I place ex aequo in 2012/2013 edition of “Competition of the month” organized by Lodz’s Photographic Society. Pictures presentation on group exhibition (photorelation)
  • III place in competition “Reader’s profile” organized by NUKAT center – polish catalog of science libraries in August 2012 (picture)
  • Presentation of two photocasts – “Visual Acuity” and “Vocation” during The Second Biennale in Piotrków Trybunalski in July 2013.
  • Presentation of my degree work – series of diptychs “«Usual» people” on blog of art critic – mgr Krzysztof Jurecki –


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